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"I am giving you a new rule.  It's this:

Love one another."

John 13: 34-35

Second hand uniform

Ties are back: we have a few brand new ties for sale. Please contact PTA on Classlist.



We have sold out infant and junior school bags - as well as and PE -shirts (except size 22 and 24). We have still jumpers, cardigans and jackets with school logo as well as uniform dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts and PE bottoms (shorts and tracksuits). Just email what you need to Marthe Danzin on Classlist

(, click on Find my school - Type in: St Peter and St Paul Clerkenwell. If you can find the school please drop us a line at PTA Org <> and you will directly receive an invitation)



PTA signed up for another new scheme that raises money for school at no extra cost for the parents/carers
To register:
And after don’t forget to shop at:
You can use this link and still benefit from your credit card advantages (if you have any 😋): some parents asked if one can combine smileAmazon + cashback on credit card: yes it's working perfectly fine on both ends

 Label your child/ren items!

Save money, save time, save trouble: school ID is 8655

Super fast delivery. Excellent quality



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