English teaching and learning in St Peter and St Paul is multifaceted. Every day, children undertake a variety of activities and tasks which together give them a rounded, balanced approach to learning and understanding English.


Each class teacher chooses a quality text at the beginning of a topic, and this book is used throughout the unit of work. Often, lessons will be themed using particular issues or subjects arising from the book.

The 2014 curriculum places great emphasis on reading for enjoyment, that pupils demonstrate motivation to read and that they read widely and frequently.


Our school aim is to build a positive reading ethos – a community of readers - to support pupil engagement with and interest in reading. To do this, we work alongside Islington Library service. Last year we adopted.


Children also spend time each week working on writing and spelling and grammar, guided or reciprocal reading, handwriting, comprehension and speaking and listening.


From September 2017 St Peter and St Paul will follow the Power of Reading Scheme. For more information about this scheme, please follow the link below.





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