Governors represent the largest volunteer group in the UK and are selected from a variety of diverse backgrounds. At SS. Peter & Paul each of our twelve governors offers a broad range of experience, to reflect the many diverse interest groups within our school. Governors provide an invaluable role as school representatives. They work as volunteers in partnership with the Head Teacher to ensure children receive the best education possible.

Who are they?

The school has seven Foundation Governors appointed by the bishop; the Head Teacher is a governor and one teacher Governor is also elected by the teachers. The Local Education Authority appoints one representative Governor, and parents of pupils elect one parent Governor.

What do they do?

Every school has a Governing Body in charge of improving standards. Our team works with the Head Teacher to develop the strategic framework for our school, such as setting the policies and targets to achieve the objectives and monitoring the progress of the school.

The primary role of Governors is to account for the school’s overall performance. They also offer constructive advice as a sounding board for ideas and proposals. The Foundation Governors make all staff appointments and establish the admissions criteria, while helping to preserve and develop the Catholic character of the school.

Governor Information

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