Health & Safety

At St Peter and St Paul Health and Safety is of the upmost importance.



It is imperative if your child has a medical condition that you let the school know as soon as possible, during admission meetings would be advisable.  We encourage you to have a conversation regarding your child’s condition with the class teacher each year but to also put it into writing for their official records.

If your child’s condition requires medication, it must be sent into the school office, clearly labelled with your child’s name and the dosage required.


We are not permitted to administer pain relief and can only administer certain medications with written permission from the Head Teacher, using the form that can be obtained from the school office. For further information please see the Administering of Medicines Policy.



The Site Manager of St Peter and St Paul, David Waite, carries out an inspection of the building each morning, both indoors and outdoors. Any issues that arise can then be dealt with either before the school opens or as soon as possible.


The Site Manager and Health and Safety Governor carry out inspections together to ensure all Safety issues have been or are being dealt with accordingly.


Click here to download the school health and safety policy.







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