Year 5 Trip to the Science Museum

Posted 29 February 2016

Year 5 had a fantastic day at the Science Museum, learning about Space! 

"I think the trip was a great success and I highly recommend it to other schools. I think we should have more trips like it." Valentin 


"When we went to the Exploring Space gallery, we all saw an amazing sphere that represented our home, the Earth." Kris


"I felt very happy being there. I would recommend going there to learn about space because it was fun and we learnt a lot about our topic." Lilly


Year 5 enjoyed watching a 4d film about the Legend of Apollo, followed by 'The Hidden Universe'. 

"I think the 4d film was the best part of our trip. It was like we were an astronaut going to the Moon. The chairs would move and air would blow on our faces. It really did feel like you were on the Moon." Muneer

"In the 3d movie, which was called the Hidden Universe, it was really interesting to look through the biggest telescope in the world, called VLT (which stands for Very Large Telescope), and Alma, which is another big telescope." George