Children begin to learn phonics (sounds) in Early Years.  Once children begin learning sounds, these sounds are used to read and spell words.  Children can then see the purpose of learning sounds.


For this reason, the first initial sounds that are taught are ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘i’, ‘n’.  These can immediately be blended for reading to make simple CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) e.g. sat, pin.


In St Peter and St Paul, we use the Jolly Phonic sounds in accordance with the structure of Letters and Sounds.


There are six overlapping phases. The table below is a summary based on the Letters and Sounds guidance for Practioners and Teachers.

Taken from Letters and Sounds, 2017

In Year 1, children will undertake a screening test.


Children in Year 1 throughout the country will all be take part in the phonics screening check, usually the second week of June. Children in Year 2 will also take the check if they did not achieve the required result when in Year 1 or they have not taken the test before.


The phonics screening check is designed to confirm whether individual children have learnt sufficient phonic decoding and blending skills to an appropriate standard, which will inform the school and ensure that the children, who do not meet the standard, have the necessary support for moving forward in the future.





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