RE Inspection Report

We are delighted with our most recent RE Inspection Report (May 2013) achieving Grade 1* Outstanding in every area. Here are some highlights.

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A. Classroom Religious Education

Outstanding for overall effectiveness of classroom religious education in developing pupils’ religious literacy.

B. The Catholic life of the school

Outstanding for the overall effectiveness of the Catholic life of the school in developing pupils’ experience of the richness of a Catholic way of living and believing.

‘The Catholic life of the school is outstandingly effective, developing the pupils’ experience of the fullness of a Catholic way of living and believing. The pupils find in the school a rich and integrated experience of a school community trying to live the teachings of the Catholic Christian tradition’

C. Religious Education

‘Classroom religious education is outstanding in developing the pupils’ religious literacy. The pupils are able to articulate the teachings of Jesus and know how they apply to their own lives.’

D. Teaching in RE

‘There is a high degree of cooperation between the teachers and, along with the involvement of the TA’s, a tradition of innovative and high quality teaching has strengthened.’

E. Leadership and Management of RE Education

‘The leadership and management of religious education is outstandingly effective. The joint leadership of the head and the deputy head, who is also the RE Coordinator, focuses on ensuring that religious education is at the core of the school’s curriculum. High expectations are in place for the quality of religious education teaching and development’

Quotes from the report

Prayer and Worship

‘Prayer and worship is a strong feature of the daily life of the school. Each day begins with morning prayers, either in the classroom or in weekly school assemblies, sometimes whole school, sometimes Infant or Junior. Singing at the assembly attended during the inspection was noticeably joyous and all pupils joined in’.

Strong Community Links

‘The school has firm and established links with the parents, parish and diocese. There is a clear understanding of the partnership with parents regarding their different roles in educating the children.’

On Catholic Tradition

‘The Governors, head-teacher and RE coordinator effectively promote the Catholic life of the school. Parents and teachers are aware of the vision and commitment of the school to develop and live the Catholic tradition in all areas of the school’s organisation and curriculum. The school has been successful in creating a climate of cooperation and generosity towards building the Catholic life of the school, whether in respect of receiving the sacraments, working on local charity and justice causes or finding out more about the teaching of Jesus Christ’.