School Council

We think it’s really important that our children have a distinctive voice in school, so their views can be heard. Our pro-active School Council acts as the pupils’ representative body, channelling ideas and thoughts of each year group.

Pupils are engaged in the decision-making processes of our school and the community beyond.  As part of our programme in Education for personal relationships and citizenship, pupils from year 1 to 6 are elected to the School Council and meet each term to discuss issues relevant to the children.

All pupil ideas and contributions are valued and implemented wherever possible. To date pupils have worked on a range of practical ideas and solutions for various aspect of school life:

  • The quiet garden
  • Playground opportunities for all
  • The verandah
  • The new stage
  • Ideas for Lent and self-giving

Here is what our pupils say

‘We have Music. I really like singing songs and the instruments.’
Year 1 pupil

‘We have tasty school dinners and activities in the playground. We learn different languages, have great after school clubs and amazing Christmas plays.’
Year 4 pupil

‘In St Peter & St Paul everything is organised and timetabled so we are ready to learn.’
Year 4 pupil

‘Our school rules encourage good behaviour.They are everywhere for people to see.’
Year 2 pupil

‘At St Peter & St Paul we do amazing class assemblies and plays. I was Mary. I tried hard to learn all my lines.’
Year 2 pupil

‘We are rewarded by teachers. This is on a Thursday. They give you an award for being good for all the week.’
Year 3 pupil

‘Each class teacher is friendly and they encourage you to always try your best.’
Year 5 pupil

‘Our school dinner ladies are very kind. They give us healthy food. It is fantastic!’
Year 1 pupil

‘During the holidays we get to create interesting and fun projects to bring into school for the competition. We do our projects about the topic we have just finished. This helps us learn more.’
Year 3 pupil

‘You should join this school because outside we don’t always have to make up our own game and play it all the time because you get to play with activities such as skipping ropes, football, basketball, hoola hoops and the rings. We also have a chess set and balls to play with. At school we also have clubs like judo, multi-sports, Spanish, art club, film club and choir.’
Year 4 pupil

‘At St Peter & St Paul School there are amazing teachers and staff who help you with your learning and if you get hurt they are there to make you feel better. There are lots of different activities such as skipping and football’
Year 6 pupil