School History

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School was originally built on Amwell Street, soon after the church became St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church in 1847.


The school started off as one long classroom but was rebuilt, as a larger two - storey block, in 1877.


Criticized as cramped and inconvenient, the Amwell Street site was threatened with closure in 1908 and subsequently another classroom block was added to the the south of the building. The dairy yard was cleared in 1915 to provide a playground which was enlarged in 1925.


Around 1930, an open-air class was introduced and in 1956 an assembly hall was built on the north side of the playground, but it was still considered not fit for purpose.


Our current site, Compton Street School as it was originally called, was built in 1880 and was intended for 1400 pupils.


The decision to move site to Compton Street School was made and in 1978, and St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School officially moved.



St. Peter & St Paul

Catholic Primary School

Compton Street

Goswell Road





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School hours


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