Attendance and Punctuality at St Peter & St Paul Catholic Primary School.

We operate a soft start from 8.30am and school starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3pm (Nursery 2.45pm). Learning starts as soon as the children come into class. The bell is rung at 8.40am to remind everyone that school starts in 5 minutes and then again at 8.45am when school starts.

We celebrate at assembly each week the best class for attendance and punctuality with trophies and certificates given out. There is an extra 10-minute play on Friday for those classes. Each week in the newsletter the class winners are announced. At the end of each term 100% attendance medals are given out and at the end of the academic year those children who have had 100% attendance for the whole year receive a gift voucher.

During the summer term the class with the most attendance certificates will go on a trip as a reward.


Parents/Carers are to contact the school via telephone or email Parentsupport to report their child’s absence providing a reason and date of return if possible.

Medical appointments

Where possible medical appointments are to be arranged after school or during the holidays. If an appointment is during school hours inform the office, showing evidence of your appointment e.g. medical letters or text.

First Day calling

The office will call Parents/Carers on the first day of absence if the school have not been informed of your child’s absence.

Punctuality Cards

Punctuality cards will be given out to those who are persistently late to school.

Requests for Absence

Any requests for leave of absence will be considered on a case-by-case basis taking into account individual circumstances and should be made in writing using the school template. This can be obtained from the school office.

The grid below helps to see the impact on a child’s education due to absence.

% of AttendanceDays of AbsenceImpact
Good Attendance96-100%0-8 days absent over the school yearBest chance of success in education
Poor Attendance80-90%19-29 days absent over the school yearReduced chance of success in education
Very Poor Attendance75-80%38-47 days absent over the school yearSafeguarding concern
Extremely Poor AttendanceBelow 75%More than 47 days absent over the school yearSerious impact on education and life chances

If your child is a persistent absentee or is persistently late, you will receive a letter and then be asked to come in for a meeting with a member of the SLT.

One Family

We are one family who look after and help each other.

We have 5 core values: love, truth, forgiveness, giving and understanding.



Jesus wants us to love one another as he has loved us.

Truth Two Color


We can move forward more easily when we are truthful with each other.

Forgiveness Icon Heart


When we forgive one another, we can renew our friendships.

Giving Icon


We think of others without expecting something in return.

Understanding Yellow


We make an effort to learn about and appreciate other people.

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