The 2014 curriculum places great emphasis on reading for enjoyment. Here at St Peter and St Paul, we put reading for pleasure at the centre of our curriculum.

We follow the CLPE’s Power of Reading Scheme where every unit of study uses a challenging high quality children’s book as stimulus for imagination, debate and discussion. 


The children always write with an audience in mind and have a chance through each unit of study to build up the necessary grammatical knowledge and vocabulary to produce meaningful extended writing. We teach grammar and spelling in context so the children understand the purpose of grammatical features of text. We explain the etymology of words from early on in their school career, so children can make subject links and make better attempts at understanding unknown words

Oracy is incredibly important for children’s life chances. We aim at St Peter and St Paul, to develop articulate and confident children. We have the highest standards for talk, with children encouraged to use ambitious language in every interaction. The children are taught narrative poetry by heart and get a chance to recite in our yearly poetry festival. 

 Above all  we aim to make English learning exciting and give the children a sense of empowerment through their reading and writing. By making links with all other subjects, children are taught that their literacy skills enhance the way they communicate and understand the world.

One Family

We are one family who look after and help each other.

We have 5 core values: love, truth, forgiveness, giving and understanding.



Jesus wants us to love one another as he has loved us.

Truth Two Color


We can move forward more easily when we are truthful with each other.

Forgiveness Icon Heart


When we forgive one another, we can renew our friendships.

Giving Icon


We think of others without expecting something in return.

Understanding Yellow


We make an effort to learn about and appreciate other people.

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