Creating a supportive atmosphere across the whole school community.

An effective Pastoral Care system is required as a result of the rapid changes which are taking place in society. Children require all the skills necessary to deal with the rising pressures of media, family, education and peer pressure that they encounter in their daily lives. We at St Peter and St Paul believe that effective Pastoral Care should contribute to the creation of a supportive atmosphere for the whole school community.

Pastoral Care is composed of different policies, programmes and procedures which encourage each individual child to develop their full potential by catering for their spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs, in a safe and secure environment. Each child will be encouraged to develop personal, social and academic skills to prepare them for the “outside world”.

At St Peter and St Paul the child is at the heart of the Catholic faith community. As a school we aim to provide a high standard of child centred education in a safe supportive learning environment, where respect and Christian values are promoted.

  • We are aware of the need to help our children manage their present lives, as well as to help them prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, so we endeavour to provide for the development of the pupil as a person as well as a learner.
  • We aim to develop our pupils “life skills” – critical thinking, decision making, effective communication, learning from mistakes, which are so necessary for their health and safety in today’s society.
  • We provide a caring commitment to guide and advise our pupils on both personal and educational matters and we seek to build up a community of children who care about each other and show respect for themselves and others.
  • The staff of St Peter and St Paul aim to build a special relationship with, and a knowledge of, the children in their care and thus endeavour to raise pupils’ social awareness, promote positive attitudes and build their self-esteem.
  • Contributions to the pastoral work of the class teacher will come from their partnership with colleagues, local priests, educational welfare officers, community police, school nurse and other outside agencies.
  • We promote a partnership and close working relationship with parents/carers whose views and wishes as prime carers will be heard and respected to enable us to support their children’s learning.
  • We offer a framework of values and positive behaviour enabling our children to be self-reliant, motivated, self-disciplined and to make choices in a moral context.
One Family

We are one family who look after and help each other.

We have 5 core values: love, truth, forgiveness, giving and understanding.



Jesus wants us to love one another as he has loved us.

Truth Two Color


We can move forward more easily when we are truthful with each other.

Forgiveness Icon Heart


When we forgive one another, we can renew our friendships.

Giving Icon


We think of others without expecting something in return.

Understanding Yellow


We make an effort to learn about and appreciate other people.

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