School Admissions

We are delighted that you are considering St Peter and St Paul’s for your child’s education.

If you are interested in learning more about St Peter and St Paul’s or require support throughout the admissions process, please do not hesitate to call our Admissions team on 020 7253 0839 or email

St Peter and St Paul’s was founded by the Pallotine fathers and has close links to St Peter and St Paul’s parish church, St Peter’s Italian church and Church of St Joseph’s in Bunhill Row  parish.  Catholic life is at the heart of our school and our staff work hard to develop and support the faith of each child who attends. 

The Admissions Process

At St Peter and St Paul’s, we follow an Admissions Process (below).

1. Visit

by telephoning our Admissions team on 020 7253 0839 or email Maria Bennett or Katie Hankins on

2. Register

by using our Supplementary Information Form

For Catholic applicants please complete the attached form

3. Apply

to the London Borough of Islington Admissions for a school place (Islington residents)

Dates and Deadlines

You can apply from 1 September 2023, and you must apply by the deadline, 15 January 2024. We recommend you apply by 12 January 2024, just in case there are any problems with getting online or logging into the site.

15 January 2024 this is your deadline to submit your online application and social medical application

Social Medical Application

19 April 2024: you’ll get an offer by email in the evening

2 May 2024: this is your deadline to accept (or turn down) your school place

31 May 2024: you must send in any appeals by this date. You can appeal even if you’ve accepted the school place offered.

One Family

We are one family who look after and help each other.

We have 5 core values: love, truth, forgiveness, giving and understanding.



Jesus wants us to love one another as he has loved us.

Truth Two Color


We can move forward more easily when we are truthful with each other.

Forgiveness Icon Heart


When we forgive one another, we can renew our friendships.

Giving Icon


We think of others without expecting something in return.

Understanding Yellow


We make an effort to learn about and appreciate other people.

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