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Nursery Staff

  • Miss Jane Manzone

    Jane Manzone

    Assistant Headteacher - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Reception Teacher - Early Years and English Lead

    My name is Jane Manzone and I am the Assistant Head, Designated Safeguarding Lead, EYFS and English Lead. I am currently studying for my NPQH. This is my 6th year teaching at St Peter and St Paul. I studied at Homerton College Cambridge University, specialising in English Literature.  I have been teaching for 26 years in London and Essex schools. Outside school, I have written about education for  newspapers and magazines. I enjoy attending education conferences, and have my own event which is held at the CLPE in Waterloo (home of the Power of Reading).

  • Miss Theresa Pryce

    Theresa Pryce

    Nursery Teacher

    I am the Nursery teacher and I am the PSHE Lead. My passion and vocation has been early years since I began teaching. I enjoy using Makaton, a system using signs and symbols to supports spoken speech. I love to dance and I attended many I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet Cancer Charity events. My British roots are Northern as I was born in Bradford West Yorkshire. My heritage is Caribbean; my mum being born in Pointe Michel Dominica and she continues to be my biggest influence.

  • Aysha Begum

    Aysha Begum

    Nursery TA

    I came to St Peters and St Paul from a Supply Agency as an Early Years Educator. I have been in the Early Years Foundation Stage and I have also worked in Key Stage 1. I enjoy expressive art and design and I use Pinterest to bring new ideas to teaching young children. I was born in Islington and my parents were born in Bangladesh. I have visited there many times.

Nursery News

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